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Bring new life to your NFT community through the magic of video sharing


Keep up with the latest video stories from the communities you are a holder of. Lollipop lets users upload up to 15 seconds of video content to allow holders of a community to interact in a more personal way!
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Keep up with the newest content, interact with creators of projects, and other community members with engaging video content. Easily navigate between the newest content, trending videos, community announcements, and moderator updates.


Showcase your NFT collection to the world. Your profile page will let you display all of your NFTs in one convenient place! Your profile will also let users see content you’ve created within NFT collections you are both part of.


Express yourself and tell stories to your community with short videos. Bring the most personal element to your NFT communities, YOU! Post your own content and flex your style, while interacting with your community members.

Video Tools

Want to see what a community is all about before you buy in? Come check out the 30sec video Trailer created by the Community’s mods/creators to see if a project suits you before you make the commitment.


Our camera tools will allow users to upload their unique content with pictures, text and video content. Style meets functionality with unique filters, high resolution picture quality, and NFT project related custom stickers. After you make your content, you can post to one or more communities at once!

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